Liverpool fined £100,000 and handed two-year ban on signing academy players

Liverpool have been fined £100,000 by the Premier League and handed a two-year ban on signing academy players from other clubs for a rule breach.
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Pakistan Win 1992 Cricket World Cup Final

25 years back, on this day, in 1992, Pakistan thrashed other teams and secured the tittle of “World Champion” in Melbourne. The Pakistani flag rose tallest amongst all as we made an exceptional win. Continue Reading

Pakistan’s cricketing heroes recount historic 1992 World Cup victory

ISLAMABAD: 25 years have passed since the 1992 cricket World Cup. This was a sporting spectacle that gave all Pakistanis joy, hope, and virtually a new life to the cricket-mad nation.  Continue Reading

Stephanie Roche spearheading ‘the Saipan of women’s football’

A star of Irish football, Roche revealed how players are forced to change in public toilets when travelling abroad with the senior side.

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Hair strands could reveal the lifestyle secrets of criminals

Scientists have developed a new forensic technique that is so precise it could be able to determine which one of two genetically identical twins is the heaviest from just a few strands of hair. Continue Reading

Euro zone businesses started 2017 on a six-year high

Euro zone businesses enjoyed their best quarter in six years at the start of 2017 as soaring demand allowed them to raise prices at the fastest rate since mid-2011, a survey suggested today. 

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13 facts you probably didn’t know about Wi-Fi

You’re probably reading this on a device that’s connected to Wi-Fi. Whether it’s a laptop, a phone, a tablet or anything else connected to the internet.

But for something that we all use every single day and spend endless hours searching for codes for, we really don’t know much about it. Continue Reading

What Happens During an Asthma Attack

Having an asthma attack can be a bit scary. As airways narrow in response to asthma triggers (be it pollen, secondhand smoke, or cat dander), you may experience rapid, shallow breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. Attacks can range in intensity from mild to severe; in severe cases, an asthma attack could be a medical emergency.

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Samsung Pay Will Support Online Shop in World

Samsung Pay users around the world will soon be able to use the service to buy items online. The company announced today that it has signed a deal with Mastercard to use Masterpass, a digital payment system already supported by hundreds of thousands of online retailers in 33 countries, starting early next year. In addition to buying goods online, users in the US will also be able to use Samsung Pay for in-app purchases, and find money-off discounts for local stores from November, as Samsung makes its payment service more of a fully featured online wallet.

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