UK lawmakers call on firms to overhaul pay and diversity

British businesses must overhaul their executive pay and perks to rebuild public trust following a spate of corporate scandals, UK politicians said today. 

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Facebook launches new service allowing users to buy and sell stuff

Facebook has launched a new Marketplace feature which enables users to buy and sell items with others nearby. Continue Reading

Apple’s Clips app is social video editing that’s simple to a fault

It was hard to know what to make of Clips at launch. Sure, Apple launches its own standalone apps from time to time, but it’s never offered up anything quite like this. For Apple, Clips is another play at mobile video editing — a dead simple solution for those who don’t have the time, skill set or desire to fiddle with Final Cut or even iMovie. Continue Reading

Hair strands could reveal the lifestyle secrets of criminals

Scientists have developed a new forensic technique that is so precise it could be able to determine which one of two genetically identical twins is the heaviest from just a few strands of hair. Continue Reading

Euro zone businesses started 2017 on a six-year high

Euro zone businesses enjoyed their best quarter in six years at the start of 2017 as soaring demand allowed them to raise prices at the fastest rate since mid-2011, a survey suggested today. 

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Apple offers its own take on Snapchat and Instagram Stories with the simple Clips video editing app

It won’t arrive in the App Store until next month, but Apple’s already offering up a preview of its new mobile video app. The company is positioning Clips as a halfway mark between iMovie and Memories (the slideshow feature in Camera) in terms of usability, but the Snapchat and Instagram Stories comparisons are going to prove pretty difficult to avoid on this one. Continue Reading

Can Carb Cycling Help You Lose Weight?

You’ve heard plenty of mixed reviews for low-carb diets. But what about carb cycling? The trend—popular with body builders and some athletes—is generating buzz as a weight loss method. Here’s the lowdown on how carb cycling works; its potential benefits; and a simpler, less strict alternative that I recommend for many of my clients.

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See Photos of Mama June’s Incredible Weight-Loss Transformation

This article originally appeared on

Mama June Shannon has kept her brand-new body a secret for months, but now the reality star has finally revealed the final transformation — and it was worth the wait!
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One-Quarter of Colorectal Cancers Linked to Lifestyle

WASHINGTON — Lifestyle factors including smoking and eating red meat may cause one-quarter of colorectal cancer cases, a new study from Australia finds.

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Dublin Airport summer flights schedule will help you decide your holidays

Deciding on the right holiday destination is likely to make or break your summer, so anything that makes the hunt a little easier is welcome.

Dublin Airport‘s extensive summer schedule has hardly narrowed it down, but it will at least give an idea of the perfect trip. Continue Reading